B Side (785)
Lightwork Freestyle
Realist Strizz

[Verse 1: 30]
Mac's and .40’s
Abuse the bulldog, animal cruelty
Got things on the ride tryna make them buss
Like we have them on orgy
On a stolen ride
See blue lights, tryna hide from porkies
And my legs turn sporty
Anytime I hear those walkie-talkies
I just pray to god
Gang signs in my vid
But I'm nuttin' like Stormzy
Now I’m back in jail
But what can I say cah my mum did warn me
In love with skengs
But dis black blade still do some damage
Tryna slang this package
Dis one came with excess baggage
I know my teams riding
Bro, we ain't doing no KiKi challenge
And the kickbacks mad on dis one
Use two hands when you slap it
Slide to the B
Ride on us, we retaliate rapid
And I hold up dis ting propper
So I know dis tings not jammin'
Blood, sweat and tears in the hood
But it's cool cah the futures brighter
Three-course meal on the table
Der where the gang conspire
Had the next case pending
But no sweats, man buss dat minor
CPS had my clothes in the lab tryna match some fibre
I don't know 'bout pressure
Jailhouse kick like Conor Mcgregor
No room for error
One wrong move, that's you in a stretcher
I phone bro said "I'm sliding now, I don’t care if the block is pepper"
Dats me Lil D, two rambos up
One dotty on a Vespa
Man squeeze off numerous shots
When we slide, we don’t fuck with one-pops
That's armed police: "Sierra Oscar, multiple gunshots"
Me and bro’s like Bigz and Wayne
And the other sides doing up bruck-shot
B Side's slummed dog
Fly OT tryna cream this cunch spot
We get chingy over dat side der
But they never come back for revenge
They sweeped bro and Fiddy for the dotty
And K got bagged for the M
The whole of the gang stack bands, mash works
And they trap on the ends
It's not lookin' like were gonna get away
So we might have to dash with a skeng
Half of the gang locked up in the can right now for some AM’s and murders
Man never shoulda left dat skeng with bro
He loves playing with burners
I got a 9 on me and just bucked jackes
Der making me nervous
But I'm still hands on, on license
Cos I ain't payin' no workers
[Verse 2: Lil D]
She got breast and bumper
She wears my jumper
And she destroys dem phones
Bad and Boujee, little bit fruity
She knows how use her tongue
Put two in the dots, that's six in the spin
Really tryna do these punks
Man lurk on opps
Man lurk on blocks
Slap two bells in the drum
K got birded
Putin' that work in
Made [?] and purging
Jump out, hurt him
B Side lurkin'
Man can't tell me 'bout burners
Skid up, skrr and then crash
Or creep up and den splash
B Side, we get cash
We ride, dey dash