B Side (785)
Opp Block Freestyle
[Verse 1: BigM]
Been in your block late night, real talk, n***as know about trouble (Gang)
I ain't ever run from them, tell my gang n***as ain’t done fuck all (Nuttin')
On the lurk, three man tryna wet man down like puddle
Bro got a dot-dot local, pop my man like bubble (Bow-bow)
You a friend of a opp? Get bored up, I don't give a fuck if you’re involved (No)
Lurk on your block in a four-door, slice man, nuttin' like Kimbo
Tryna build up my clientele, I tell a cat ring off the brick phone (Brr)
My n***as trap line's booming
Man don't get bored of the ringtone (Mad)
Tryna put him in a coffin (Yeah)
Big shank, know I ain't rocking (Nah)
Long blade got man bopping (What?)
Try run, don't end up dropping
Black blade 'chete, run man down, if I catch him I'll chop him (Gang, gang)
Man get ’round in a ding-dong
Bore man straight, I’m a wrongin' (Mad)
Phone line ring, go jogging (Huh)
Bells might ring and pop him (Yeah)
Opps don’t bring no problem
Canine teeth, man bark and dog him (Bow-bow)
But they love giving off verbal, shut up
Niggers ain't really on nuttin'
How you gonna let man brick your mother?
Man I woulda fucking done him
[Verse 2: Lil D]
Roll to the block with the gang (B-gang)
Jump out the ride with things (Jump out)
'Dem n***as talk on the net, try back your bro but donny got chinged (Ching)
Man put Am’ in draws (Back that)
Wrap up the light in cling (Wrap that)
In 013, lil donny got-got and your n***as ain't done a thing (Nada)
BSide, that's gang (Gang)
Pull up, jump out, let it bang (Bow!)
'Dem n***as 'der just chat (Chatty), n***as just chat like gyal
Four-door; four-man, two scrams (Bow!)
Hit a n***a up, do the dash (Dashing)
Fly upsah, make bands (Bands)
[?] left his phone and ran
How you gon' run with your rambo? (How?)
Duck a man down on my Jack Jones (Duck him down)
Duck a man down on the back road
Link fiend's, gotta get this crack sold (Get rid of it)
Shoot yutes, ain't got no backbone (Nah)
Stab yutes, bang guns and we stack dough (Stack that)
Dot-dots, shanks and bandos
Can't beef me, you must be mad, bro
Can't beef me, you must be mad (Sick)
Man see a opp, man kill him
Grab the swords and go fishing (Ching, ching)
Baby 9, that's drilling (Driller)
That boy from Pecks held a dipping
KK tried to kill him
That's a AM with no witness
Two shots an' he's finished
Yeah, man did lurk
Nine hours on your block, no perps
Headshots, yeah, I did that dirt
Try dip man, I'ma dip that first
Man get 'round with the dots and burst
Them n***as neeks, them n***as nerds
Your boy got dipped and them n***as ain't learned
[Verse 3: KK]
Multiple dipping
Three days on the road, man splashy (Lightwork)
Run a a man down on the road, ching a man down with the Rammy' (Ching)
I got four different n***as on my Sami' (Gas)
Black blade still come handy (Handy)
Two man up on a bike, know KK's more than angry
KillerK sitting on the back, G
Gripping on the chromed-off machine (Got it)
Shells come trippin', lay back, G
Come buck man, don't at me (Stop atting man)
Stop gassing up neeks
Coming like you're giving them candy (Sweeties)
Man's bagging up treats, gotta keep the kitties 'dem happy
Wrap it in bags (Baggy)
That's really for nappy's
Run up on n***as in my bally
More time linking fiends, I'm trappy (Trap fiend)
I got it in my jeans, but I done most drilling's in my tracky (Drilling's, drilling's)
I got it in my jeans, but I done most drilling's in my tracky (Ching him, ching him)