B Side (785)
Lightwork Freestyle (2019)
Leo on the beat
Aye, you know this one slaps
It's [?] baby

[Verse 1: 30]
Arms wrapped 'round the 12-bore
Just like I was rockin' a baby
This dot-dot here is a throwback
I think they had this one in the Navy
I think broski's crazy
He dunno how to use waps safely
He let off corn in his bedroom fuckin' around with the safety

[Verse 2: K1zz]
Remember when it was stickups
Now my work is supplyin' these cats
All I know is grind and stack
But I got beef so I'm buyin' these waps
It was kway back when I had the barrel of the shotgun pointin' at Siamese cats
The opps dem shit, say they hide in flats
Then hit Youtube start lyin' in raps

[Verse 3: BGod]
All these drillings and chingings you must be trippin' to ask who did it
I swear these n***as ain't with it, back that spinners and turn man spinach
Free my n***as locked in the prison, soon come home, I swear I miss them
Man just do it on backs, bro web that back, man aim and hit him

[Verse 4: K1zz]
Rappers do it for the Charlie and Kim
I be tryna slap [?] through your skin
From young I push weight, no gym, took the T-house back no Kanye and Kim
How you think I'm in this Audi [?] with an S9 and print on the rims?
I gotta line these cash when it rings
Tell my YGs splash and they ching

[Verse 5: 30]
Cats call man when they're sick and they link me in the morning to buy their fix
This TT came in loose, he turned it to rock with a bicarb mix
If I get nicked, I ain't got no lips
I ain't singin' no songs like Lionel Rich
Do it Live-O, we don't type and diss
---- hear the tyres skid

[Verse 6: Dizz]
Got three lines like Adidas
I ain't nike I can't do no tics
Tryna see numbers like Halifax
I get a brick and I break that shit
Give me a sim and a phone and I bet that I'll make it ring
Anything --- get chinged, ching, go for a swim

[Verse 7: K1zz]
Ridgeback, lil' bit of kickback
K1 did that, don't get shot
Bad b wan' wine on cotch, better come grease and hide this dots
See me a opp, jump out, do man's cop
No clues for the cops, handle the shoes with socks
Free all the Gs in the box

[Verse 8: BGod]
Gotta watch out for the undies
Cah I know they're tryna do man dirty
Bro got bagged for the pumpy
That n***a right there too worksy
While man just do it like 30
Man lean out the ride in the brucky
And smoke that yute like Percy

[Verse 9: 30]
If man catch him, doc can't patch him
Glue can't fix these wounds
Aim, grip and shoot
785 still stick and move
Dem man soft, they pick and choose
Just done a wasseem, went and hit the shoes
Jump out gang and their legs do boost
All these dumb drawouts got me missin' shoots

[Verse 9: K1zz]
When man ride, them man hide
What they know about pressure
Been 'round there on a 125 but now man do it in a Vectra
A shotgun in shotgun like when I see an opp I'ma put him on a stretcher
Then it's back to the ends like a yat and her friends, all them hoes on me like Hefner

[Verse 10: 30]
Bag this work, you don't wanna see these dots disperse
Nah I can't take no stop and search, I send that boy to the dockin' nurse
Run these reds, if I see blue light I'ma duck these feds
600 peds need to get this gone by the daytime ends
350 bev, ZK tucked down my top and leg
Or bring the wap instead and turn man's brains into scrambled eggs

[Verse 11: Dizz]
Bowl lines rip like Beyblade, wake-bake, I'm in the kitchen doin' nae-nae
I got clientele I make rakes
Every other day I bake cakes
Dem boy sing like Ray J
I get caught, I don't say names
I don't throw no punch like AJ
I just swing and ching like KK