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"Milkshake Freestyle"

(Mic. Knowledge)
You goin first?
The beat has started so I guess I'm gonna go
That's the rule. (MIC KNOWLEDGE ARF ARF)
(Verse 1: Confidence)
We just left McDonalds and saw LayOffs
Whitey Ford in the back tryna get a pay off
Talking to his boss about us like we're his friends but we're not
We just come to f*ck with him and his boss
He's a little c*nt nugget, little McNugget
He sh*ts like he sh*ts on his f*ckin stove, stomach. (PSSST)
Yeah b*tch, at the stoplight, about to fight cuz they'res a guy with bright lights (YO) in my eyes

(Verse 2: Mic. Knowledge)
Pass the mic, lemme go and bust a nut off in ya mouth, put it in you stupid sl*t
Yeah, going back just got a milkshake, call me Kelis cuz I get milkshakes
All the boys come to my yard
Yeah they like my fat and my fat lard, Lard Ass
You f*ckin lard ass, f*ckin stupid b*tch
Get over here and hop off my di*k!
Yeah, Free World, we'll f*ck ya mom in the bed
Cuz we do it don't bring the drama if you f*ck with my commas
I'll put you underneath, under my bed like a f*ckin monster
I put extra mustard on my hotdog, I'm hot dawg!
Yeah, I guess I come in here, like a hamburger
I put burgers all over your walls! Yeah here you go

(Verse 3: Confidence)
Uh yeah stopping at the next red light
I can't rhyme light again cuz I just did tonight
So, we're on our way back home, we came from the gym, I'm c*mming Tape, don't forget it
Your mom is a dirty sl*t, yes she is
She wants it in her butt and she wants me to jizz
All over her, i'll text her and say I'm coming
But I really mean I'm c*mming in my pants so start running
Cuz I will Bukkake, any c*cky motherf*cker
f*ck with me and i'll get you in my white trucka
I'm not going to do that again, it's pretty cheesy
Leaving McDonalds with Lil' Breezy
It's kinda breezy out but it's also kind of warm
We saw Storm at the gym with his boy in his arm
He is a beast, he likes to play Xbox, he doesn't know what Xbox is, he is a stupid c*ck
Yeah uh, with his f*ckin girl
He acts like a nerd who doesn't know sh*t about the world
He's a stupid b*tch, I don't even know him
We saw Red Shorts he goes to the gym
With us he's in the butt in the class below us
Spittin game to Red Shorts like he f*ckin knows us
And twin, waved to us, I don't know her was she waving to me?
Or maybe the gay guy, cuz Ariel is a f*cking mermaid
I will f*cking c*m on him but he'll like that, yeah cuz he's like that
A f*ckin b*tch with no b*tch
Fat ass n*gga next to me doing Sits. Ups. b*tch

(Verse 4: Mic. Knowledge)
Yeah, we was at the gym we saw turquoise
I heard she liked boys so went over there to make some noise
But she didn't gimme no play
Maybe cuz I didn't even say one word
Yeah, that's my fault, but thats not my fault
Maybe cuz she didn't see the money in my vault
I probably put it slow in her hair
I'm a freak like that I don't care
She jack me off with her feet, yeah I like that cuz I'm a freak in the sheets, from the streets
Not really, but I'm from Cypress, and I do it just like this
Psyche na I ain't from Cypress, but TPloof is
He's got the Confidence, Anonymous, Bombing this, Limadiss
R.I.P to Chemical Ali boy I remember you for life
I remember we were 6 years old you was in my class
And oohh she got that dumb ass (Hahahahahaha)
That's a pretty beast name you got, Muhammed Ali
Sting like a butterfly, float like a bee (Hahaha)
I f*ck up quotes like I f*ck up boats
I get it in there like Root Beer Floats
Fountain drinks come at me
I don't give a f*ck get at me
I drink to think just to think
I ran out I dropped my phone in my sink
Yeah I don't care I'm Synnacle, Bilinnacle, Alinnacle
I like this thing Chemical Ali R.I.P!

(Verse 5: Confidence)
Yo this one goes out to my boy Chemical R...uh I mean Chemical Ali my bad my bad I love you man
I know you lookin at us from Heaven (Kahahhahahaahhhahahahahaahah)
I'm just kidding man your in Hell
Burning with your cousin who got hung from the back of his backyard
Cuz he can't act hard, he drops bombs like he's from Iraq
But he's from Iran cuz I ran to his mom's house
Ran up in her blouse
f*cked her with a mouse
Then I came in her mouth cuz I'm not sittin here I love you man
When I saw that tweet my heart kinda stopped
Chemical Ali is my brother, it'll never stop
He is the best
Better then the rest
He mixes chemicals like he's a f*cking chem-ist!
(Oh oh sh*t!)
f*ck man, I love you man I'm looking up at you right now
Actually we're driving on the ground as I pound in your mound
f*ck it here you go

(Verse 6: Mic. Knowledge)
I'm a beast call me Halo
I get it in, I shake my ass like J-Lo
I got work b*tches, I do work b*tches
I still got stitches on my di*kses
I'm a beast I'm a monster
Still got custards on my mustard
Yeah I do what it does, just passed Wawa
Now I'm at Point Landing
My point is oustanding
My attendence is out canding yeahhh
Go Lakers, f*ck Cavilers
I do what it does I do it right here
Like Kobe Bryant I just sh*t on n*ggas
I got bigger figures as big as Jiggas
Y'all don't wanna f*ck with me f*ck Jay-Z
He ain't got sh*t on me
I got game like The Game
A King, A Jeans, A Vest, A b*tch, b*tch
I sh*t on you
You can't murder me I murder you on every single track
I'm a train off the railroad tracks
I'm an airplane with no flight plan
You just missed your flight man!
What you gonna do? You must flap your arms
Until you get out of my barn stupid b*tch
Get in your own car, I heard you was doing donuts at Wal-Mart
Don't get smart, i'll leave your b*tch ass cased up like PetsMart b*tch!


Alright yo this was Milkshake Freestyle (Milkshake) January 24th or some sh*t like that I dunno. Alright yo, we're out see ya next time, for the remix, b*tch!

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