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"I Been On Freestyle"

This year Halloween fell  on the weekend
Me and trill b*tches trick a treating
Robbin ugly kids for bags
Diamond stones on my ski mask

Y'all just mad
I'm bout my cash
Ya'll can kiss my ass
Them hoes is fads
Let's get this clear
b*tch this  my year
I'm rolling in that candy paint
Them hoes is skanks
I'm sippin drank
I'm getting throwed
Grippin the grain
Tippin on four
Vogues pretty b*tch
I should be on Vogue
I take pretty pics
Female Hugh Heff
In them Silky robes
If her ass is huge
Then we put her on
That strip pole
They love my songs
And If I'm wrong
I don't wanna right
Dear lord save us
We lost our minds
My bottom grill it's gold
It shine
I son these hoes
Jesus  I rise
Y'all some porky pigs
Don't f*ck with swine
I don't trust nobody
Dat ho's a cop
And that b*tch faker than the weave on her crop
Got a bottom ho she get that work
Looking like Miley Cyrus she love to twerk
My trap lines rangin it's business first
Your purse is empty
You looking broke
Your life's a joke
Better wake ho
Better stack that paper what your crying foe
I don't told you once
I don't told you twice
Get with a  real pimp don't f*ck with mice
I'm trappin geez
I'm crafting cheese
My game so cold
I'm Mrs Freeze
Them white girls blowin easy like leaves
My Exs all crawling they on they knees
Should a put a ring on it
You can ask Queen B
It's a new queen now last name Sorvino
Mobb Deep trill hip hop Pacino
Mermaids pretty but I'm finding Nemo
Fish scale hold weight
Food on my plate
Yes I'm playa
f*ck your labor
My soul black out
You can call me Vader
May the force be with you
When you meet my pistol
I grind so hard to the bone grizzle
Shots fired ho bullets hit your tissue
Y'all some booping ass hoes
Nobody will miss you
Already been sh*tten on these b*tches
Stanking  ass hoes smelling like some chitlings
Boil in a pot chop em up like rocks
Need to tell the truth I got that knock
Swangin in these streets
And my beats get chopped
Rest in peace  DJ Screw, Big Moe Pimp C
Yeah what it do

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