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"Dali Baby (Picasso Baby Remix)"

[Intro: Salvador Dali]
"Greetings, Greetings, Grrrrrreeetings"

[Verse 1: MC Mo]
You can Picasso, me Imma Dali
I am drugs, I don`t need molly
Good Golly, this sh*t is popping like lolly
Probably the greatest alive like Ali
Great flow, you know, MC Mo`s a sure deal
Yea I`m so real that its surreal
Infinite space, I went and blurred real
I say what I say, you choose how to feel
The flow, Its a Mo, you can hear the aroma
My words on the paper and they`re heading for the MoMA
I`m an artist, this is an art piece
You splash in the bath, I roar the seas

[Verse 2: MC Mo]
Divorce these thoughts that I`m not genius
Produced in the same spot my genes is
Means its genetic, mutation, or a defect
That allowed me to see things different like an insect
Correct to expect, to expect what you`d never expect
And each project gets better with the next
To the art, I`m a slave, gave my heart until the grave
Embrace the weirdness, let the freak flag wave
Brave the hardships and I brave the scrutiny
My styles not "the style", this is a musical mutiny
Doing me, these creations and lyrical illustrations
Are merely the cause of my mental liberation
In my mind its the only place I`m free in
So that`s where I be in, rapping what I`m seeing
A mutated boys head, on a grown mans body
Me surrounded by angels and demons doing Pilates
You got it? No, good, beauty is in confusion
Amusing, that`s why I`m using all these illusions
As muses, as tools, and as a fuel
To make what I call these lyrical jewels
Luxurious, eccentric, bizarre
I love it all especially when I`m the star
Let me entertain, your eyes your ears your brain
Dali state of mind, no I`m not insane

[Verse 3: MC Mo]
Unchain optimistic, sink the destroyers
I`m a creator, my minds the employer
I`m working my mind right down to the tissue
Giving me the strength to do anything I wish to
All the pain, strange, days Ive survived
Give the drive, give me the will to strive
Larger than life, the magnificence commences
Here to amaze all 5 of your senses

[Salvador Dali]
"The only difference between one crazy man
And Dali, is very simple
Dali is not crazy"

[Outro: MC Mo]
I`m known to babble, I`m known to dabble
I`m known to put words together like Scrabble
I`m known to think different like apple
I`m known to bring the facts like Snapple
I`m known to preach the good word like a chapel
Is this over your head or can you grappel?
Are these bars genius or just some follies
Ehh you`re not sure, then thats a Dali

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