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"Right There (Remix)"

When I step into a buildin'
I can see them lookin'
My swag's so sharp that I can use it as a weapon
I got your girl choosin'
Cause i'm bossin'
And i'm flossin'
Check the Rarri parked outside that's one of many that I cruise in
I'm just livin' life
Livin' to the fullest
I'm only goin' up as if I was a soaring kite
There's no stoppin' me when I load my gun with these bars and pull that trigga I be murkin' the beat fillin' it with bullets!


All the people cheerin' when I do my thing on stage
I'm raisin' spirits with the sound I bring makin' the whole crowd rage
I got that money on my mind
I'm on my grind
My time is near
I'm the rookie of the year?
Whoa now that's a thought right there

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