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Intro : Girl I want yo luv now

Verse 1 : Snoop Dogg There u go baddest in da place Whoo I luv yo face trina get yo love so Good swedter than pie convention
In da,look in my eyes With u cookin its dust in my eyes

Hook Lil Deiajay : Firl u look like u pose to be like in a movie

Verse 1 Snoop Dogg : So fly no lie co worker in my room big daddy in da house baby,if u think im ready then,look at my mouth
Come to my house , just sit on da couch look at some TV Pepole out here wanna be me im lucky u lucky You shine when da sun shine
I'll be on da side now u wonder what I say when I sigh ballin till we die spin the,bottle bend down boo lower haters getting slower

Hook Lil Deiajay :Firl u look like pose,to be,in da movie Ooh u Gettin groovy

Verse 3 Lil Deiajay : Be Breezy,haters,stay trippy Girl u,make,me,suprised having the conversation,in da look in,my eyes
U u so fly Im bout da cry no lie its a shame,but my bad nobody to blame see me cool guchhi in da hall of fame Drake
Nothing was the same Realest cats in da,game d and snoop dontcha luv it,when its me and,u

Lil Deiajay Hook 3 : Firl U look pose to be in da movie,oh,god, u,so groovy

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