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"550 What?"

1 - I've been searching for so long
(For so long) ooh (For so long)

Repeat 1 (3x)

2 - 550 What? 550 What?
That's my address
That's my address

Repeat 2 (3x)

3 - I've been looking all around
I'm known for getting down
I've been searching for the right producers
And you're the one I want
I'm on some other sh*t
I just don't want a hit
I'm trying to stay around
I can feel what you need indeed
I'll give you all the things you need
You'll never have to worry bout "G"
I'm happy that I found your face
Together we will bump the place
All my life it's been a dream to me
To live out my destiny
I'm blessed with the way you're treating me
Feeling real good cause I'm totally free

Repeat 2 (4x)

Repeat 3

Repeat 2 (4x)

Chilling on the corner with my nig Ginuwine
Speaking about my problems, speaking about what's on my mind
Never had a true reason
Whether I'm gonna be here or leaving
Never had an address
My life's been nothing but an ugly mess
Talking to a whole lot of people
Telling me that my life was not going to be created equal
But my manager R.R. he had a bunch of plans
Ran into J.D. he engineered the plan
Then what Michael Caplan
Hooked us up with Polly and she signed the "G" man
Hey back to the basics
L. West had to live my legal statements
She's means so much to me
She hooked us with Ron Sweeny
We working together as a team
Trying to make advantage and complete our dreams
As it seems like or not scenes finding damage
Then we'll see situations messy like canvas
To the left to the right
Five minutes baby, you're alright

Repeat 1 (2x)

Repeat 2 till end

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