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"Bangin' (Don't Lie)"

Timbaland, I need you to make these motherf*ckers get crunk
I need you to bang em, bang em, bang em in their Jeeps
Timbaland I need you to make these motherf*ckers get crunk
And I need them to bang em bang em bang em bang em in their Jeeps

[Verse 1: Nicole]
Ugh, who you talkin' to
I wanna know
Is that chick with you
Do you love her
Besta tell the truth
Or you'll end up in a ICU
Boy, I got thing for you
And I'd do anything for you
But I need to know a thing or two
Am I the only one you callin' boo

Don't lie to me baby
I would love to be your lady
But you be actin' crazy
And I wouldn't do it if you payed me
I would love to make it alright
And I would love to f*ck all night
But damn it's not alright
Damn it's not alright

[Verse 2: Nicole]
Ugh, who you rollin' with
Do I meet all the benefits
Is these the only lips that you kiss
Am I the only one you f*ckin' with
Boy, I got a thing for you
And I've been holdin' it down for you
And I be p*ssin' around for you
Am I the only one you callin' boo


Am I
The only one that you callin' boo
Cuz I know I will always satisfy you
And n*gga don't try to run no games
Cuz I'm so hot I'll take you down in flames..

Is this for real
Wow Nicole Wray
Pleasure to meet you
I'll be the H-N-I-C
Damn yeah
I'm a fan of yours to
But damn
I gotta be honest
I'm tryna geta at you
And I don't run games
I'm runnin' witchu
You runnin' with P
Would that be possible
Now that's a dream team
You rockin' R&B
I got the streets
And it's mad cuz I'm Mobb Deep
What's goin' take to convince you
What a n*gga gotta do to get with you
It couldn't be more for real
Listen girl
I couldn't be more sincere
You make a n*gga wet dream
Girl c'mon
I ain't the type that'll hound you
But I'ma dog
And I'ma flirt just to sharpen the saw
Smooth, you see yourself rockin' with a n*gga like that
Here's my cell, your two way crib
Holla back..

[Prodigy - repeat 2X]
Stay up, stay in peace
Nicole Wray sh*t
Timbaland sh*t
We bangin, bangin, bangin, bangin in the streets

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