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"Round Da Way Tim"

Hello America, Timbo is back
SV, Shock Value
Check it…

It’s Timbo, Timmy T/
I live in Miami still rep the VA beach/
Moving at light speed, who you know just like me/
A simple black man who own a private island/
Boss man is Iovine, gas house and Verizon/
Don’t fly in nothing less than a gulf stream/
There’s one more thing about me, n*ggas gone doubt me/
Because the Timbaland brand holds a lot of clout, G/
Come on girl lets go play housie, take these drugs get drowsy/
When the feeling come on give me some top piece/
I know that’s really not me but a n*gga really horny/
I do a lot of nasty sh*t without a warning/
Come on come on hold me, shake that sh*t for me/
Cause in bed you ride that sh*t like a horsey/
Oh oh oh oh oh Lordy, let’s change up the story/
I’m too rich for y’all n*ggas to ignore me/
I don’t do it for glory, but a n*gga love Porches/
A n*gga will never sell his soul to sorcery/
Mom and dad divorces, that’s what split up the most list/
It made me so strong and it forced me/
To watch my haters closely, why blogs is so nosy?/
If you know something bout me n*gga then show me/
You talking to the old me, ain’t ain’t ain’t that right, Steve?/
Tell them b*tch haters to meet us up in Paris/

Let me tell you bout this n*gga/
From round da way/
He - he the coolest n*gga and I got to say/
His name is Timbo/
So down to Earth think he can be your kinfolks/
(repeat 2x’s)

Verse Two
Black card, I got three/
He just recently sent me that new white piece/
The one without no writing, me, that’s a light beam/
I got a two-million thirty-five carat Graff ring/
Wife got the same thing - to me - that’s a ? mean/
Because me and you have nothing in common/
I’m my own Army, I like it when it’s starving/
I like to fall down - get up - it makes me hard G/
I paid a lot of parsley - got that Charles Barkley/
I like my women bow-legged - that got that dark meat/
Vacations and the RE somewhere near Greece/
Where the villas in the middle of the ocean/
Where don't wear no own rings - me and you boinking/
I got a lotta equity up in Beijing/
Think you n*ggas phase me - when I’m on phase 3?/
I sold a hundred and twenty million now chase me/


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