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"Izzy Izzy Ahh"

Verse One:

I pulls up in my strech,I let my homegirls flex my 9-8
Close and closer they follow in my Limo,playin' cd's
Of when I used to HeeeHee totally in my ass cheecks
They sweat these beets,for any kinda jeeps,you know how
I is,so freakin' hot that I siz,Geewiz,get my clothes taylored
Like I'm Liz,Miz,I'm commin' for your ass in a min,seconds or hours
Everything I do seem to bloom like flowers,I cruse these beets like I'm
Drivin' Eddie Bauer,some of ya'll mc's mad I got the power,I hit you
With the Pllllll pmm uhh,take that,n*ggas wanna step well um UHH take
That,what mmm uh uh take that,yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Izzy Izzy ahh zizah zizah zizah
Hard b*tches be talkin' like they all rah rah
Blizzy Blizzy blahzah blahzah blahzay
None of y'all fools ain't got sh*t on me

Verse two:

M-A to the G double O my man Moe, smooth like Joe
Timbaland where you get the doe
I'ma get my n*ggas
n*ggas go and get ya hoes
Flows to come so natural
I'mma take a stroll role this high droll
I'mma take my ass to Pazzaz and Essoh
Slow oh down diggy diggy doh


Bridge:(Missy singin')

You never heard beets like this before
When me and Timberland walk throught the door
Our style be tighter then before
You like our steelo
(repeat 2x)

[Hook till end]

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