"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

Charles Hamilton. Back with another one. Y'all know I get it popping like bubblegum. Gonna start some trouble, because I'm troublesome. You can hate me, but I know you love it son. My pink polo and matching kicks. My blazer. Amazing. I have to get so fly like I'm "rollin' with the baddest b*t*h". The immaculate. So I have to spit. Imagine chicks tryna grab my d**k, because I keep coming out with hit, after hit. And... I don't need a gun. Why? TI, know. But I got love for TI, though. There's a lot of Drama when there's n***as in your B-I, yo. This sh*t will make a punk turn to G.I. Joe. Rap is a farm. E-I-E-I-O. So many chickens say they want to be my hoe. But I'ma just chill, while you have a cow. Y'all know me, no backing down... ask around. Britney Spears when I'm blacking out. You savage, how? I ain't know they made savage clowns. You ain't mean. You average. Wow. Because what you say don't add up or match your style. So I'm laughing, now. LMAO. "Ayo!" like "Technology! Acknowledge me!" Funky like old collard greens with 8-day-old mayo. Yo, HchO. I feel like Raising Hell, so they can tell I'm the greatest. Well, the second greatest. Pac is Richard Pryor, so I'm Dave Chappelle

But this joint here ain't funny
Ain't no Comedy Central
The info: "Charlie got a sick flow!"
Spit fast or spit slow
Either way the kid go
Y'all know my REAL name
I spit them REAL flames
A lot of haters are hating, but they some real lames
Y'all hope I will change
But this is REAL ~strange~
You stuck in my factory!
That's why I'm sayin' "AYO!"
The studio is my factory
So, can't none of y'all come f**k with me
I'll school you like I'm the faculty
So, detention time, you're stuck with me
Shout out Sha-leik from The Faculty
That's the name of my production team
So, "Welcome to The Hit Factory (?)!"
Go ahead and try your luck with me!
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