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"Heir to the Throne (King Leon Freestyle)"

(Check it...ugh)

Let me start off proper/

Call me HBK man the young show stopper/

I'm like Jack Byrnes ain't got time for you Fockers/

Rookie of the year they thought that boy was playing/

So ahead of my time like i'm daylight savings/

(Psssh) You ain't heard of me? the f*ck you n*ggas saying?/

Somebody better tell bout how that boy been working/

Since the day I walked this Earth that's one thing been for certain/

The fat lady done sung someone please call the cuuurtains/

All you n*ggas catching feelings/

Cause my flow is better and the hoes find it appealing/

Asses going down while them dollars touch the ceilings/

(Naw..ugh) I'm not new to this i'm true to this/

Getting tired of hearing all you f*ck n*ggas foolishness/

Some of yall n*ggas can't deal with my attitude/

Put my city on the map you need to check your latitude/

Did it by myself you can gone keep your gratitude/

Ain't saying i'm the best but I damn sure do it better/

Yelling "King Me" as if we both playing checkers/

(So ugh)

From beginning to the ending/

Take a look around baby see how my team is winning/

So much liquor in my system man I swear the room is spinning/

So pass me the crown or pass me the Courvoisier/

Heir to the Throne man that's all a n*gga gotta say/

(Gladiator sample by Russle Crowe)

Are you not entertained?....

Are you not entertained?...

Is this not why your are here?

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