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"We V"

[Verse 1: Rolex B]
Check it, check it, yo
Simple similes got me f*cking b*tches like Sybian
I make the pus*y so wet I’m basically amphibian
I can barely fit it in, she too tight and I’m too big
One wrong move and she’ll slip off and snap that f*cker like a twig
Ow, this sh*t is rigged, like the election
I lose half my body’s blood supply when I get erections
Wrap it up so I don’t get sexually transmitted infections
All these betas staying virgins that’s just natural selection
And I’ll admit it, I’m whiter than some miracle whip
But ask anyone, they’ll tell you ‘bout my miracle di*k
I’m not ashamed to acknowledge that my skin is vanilla
‘Cause my flow is Ghostface Killa, and I’m making my skrilla
I fear the sh*t that makes them cool rappers whack
Flow biters take my style, don’t give it back
I don’t want it, I don’t flaunt it, I’m on the attack
f*ck you up in the booth, f*ck your chick in the sack

[Verse 2: Life’s Complex]
It’s young Miggy in my wallet I got $250
Don’t try to rob me cuz I brought the crew with me, um
Unless it work out like that one time at Walmart
Lost one tire to buy a damn controller that just don’t work
And DJango jacking it slowly
This ain’t my flow but f*ck it bruh my di*k above average
I lose 1/5th my blood supply when I get a nosebleed
They sayin I’m loud, but I don’t even smoke weed
I keep it lowkey, the grocery-eating homie
I hope you listen closely, you can keep your nose ring
You keep your team soap-free, but TTS is so clean
Nah we aren’t dope fiends, bro we are the coterie
So we stay talking how we 'sposed to be
Bout masochists and massacres and asses vs. mammaries
Won’t bother clapping at MattyB
Ain’t a rapper or group alive that can handle We

[Verse 3: Vile Diarrhea]
It’s VD, still alive, droppin bars on We 5
Made it out of Tucson, gettin sick of that vibe
Gettin’ real lonely in a place with no homies
So I sit alone at home and touch myself while I cry
Not gonna lie, my booty’s still a little raw
From the most savage anal violation that you ever saw
Ming Li says I’m a criminal and that she is the law
And that she’ll do to me what she did to Tim McGraw
I was pleading for my life but I had nothing to say
She sucked more than words out my ass on that fateful day
Clammy lips, no heart, she straight sucked me apart
When she stole away my joy - my majestic fart
That day left me feeling emptier than ever
Happiness and love left cold and severed
Scared and depressed, it left me so shaken
How was something so sacred so easily taken?

[Verse 4: Broccoli Man]
Broccoli Boy’s back, back on a roll
Fresh like clickhole hot like the devil
Put me on the mic and I'll start tripping up like Blood Bowl
Bike commute I rode 20 a day
Illuminati bottom-shooter, curved shots like Ray J
Double-click with my computer, Mavis Beacon trapping tutor
Went off to college but I stayed in town
Kept chilling, just vibing ‘til the word got around
That the boy hung up his baby Bridge but never stopped pedalling
And some blue rolled through, and you know those boys be meddling
Keep your eyes on the skies when you're moving on the low
And if the Fed in town you best ride slow
Broccoli man out
Keep vibing

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