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"Gossip Remix"

Hol' up, hol' up
We got Mariahlynn comin' through?
I heard she slept with the whole Creep Squad
Oh yeah, well, I heard she ain't Gwinnin' no more

When I walk up in this b*tch
Yeah, I know who I'm is
I'ma tell you like my mommy used to tell me
Little b*tch, stay the f*ck up out my biz
I just paid for these cars
(Skrr!) What you heard?
Ain't nobody gon' tell me nothin'
Everybody [?]
My cake gettin' ate all day
You man got a tongue like a [?]
He already know how many licks do it take
[?] get the f*ck up off my face
Bwoy, bwoy, bought your store
I don't need your sh*t no more
Time is money so you know I'm gon' show
Lights on green so you know I'm on a go, ay
Once upon a time in Dirty Jerz
There was a stupid little b*tch who had the nerve
Called herself a hoe on a TV screen
[?] she perform and all the girls will scream
And she killed the scene
Now she posin' for the cover of the magazines
Keep the place lit like some kerosene
Everything I do is big, it was all a dream
Yo, and three years later
[?] coupe with the YSL [?]
Above keep it cooler than AC Slater
Bought it with my money, makin' planes out of paper like
M to the A-R-I-A
Ya know the rest, I ain't gotta say the name
Been leveled up while these b*tches stay the same
Future lookin' brighter than the diamonds on my chain, yup!

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