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"Catch Me Outside (Ski Mask The Slump God Remix) Freestyle"


[Verse 1]
On the block n*gga, I was juggin' dodging all these opps n*gga
I don't understand how y'all wack n*gga, if I pull up best believe I got them shooters with me, Uh-Ayy, yeah it's God's Plan, tryna go ahead and stack a couple hunnid bands
Like XXX n*gga Look At Me, best believe I be the hardest you can see
Out of New Jersey, Paterson n*gga, I be juggin' on the block with my friends n*gga, we was tryna go and get it imma Icon, I don't understand how you know it I done shook once
n*ggas tryna go ahead go and bounce with it, bounce with that n*gga you so wack, I be on that block I'm juggin' with my n*ggas, I pull up if I can get it right now with a couple shooters laid
n*ggas wanna go and try-
Oh yeah yeah, the n*gga try me then he grindin', best believe this gonna leave him blinded 'cause if a n*gga try me than he's off it
Off Limits, My verses, you gotta pay for that feature b*tch
n*ggas steady tweakin' I pull up I'm 'bout to get it right now and best believe I'm with my shooters n*gga

[Bridge 1]
Ha ha ha ha
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey

[Hook 1]
I mob deep shook once, n*ggas look uh, I done pull up with a cool one
n*ggas don't know this is God's plan, if I stop rapping that's not God's plan, y'all n*ggas wack like the thunder man
Y'all don't understand I'm black lightning
Pull up or I'll get it with a couple n*ggas
I just wanna go and try to secure the bag n*gga

[Verse 2]
I ain't migos I don't feel like that sh*t n*gga, I ain't gonna lie, man I feel like four bricks n*gga, if you pay me for a feature that's a brick n*gga, understand that's about 26 n*gga...
Issa Hit, Issa Hit...
I be f*ckin' with...Yo b*tch! Give her di*k! Then she sh*t!
I'm lit! n*gga I'm lit!
Size 12 with yo f*ckin' ass n*gga, you be tryin' me go skip class n*gga
I don't wanna hear no beef sh*t, you a bunch of b*tch b*tch!

[Bridge 2]
Ha ha ha
That's it man, f*ck that sh*t
(No no no, Finish it, Finish It)
Aight Look

[Hook 2]
She put her ass in my face, now I'm gonna do the race
I ain't never did the case, but I'm finna do the race
If a n*gga wanna try me that's because that sh*t was laced n*gga
I don't even sell that sh*t, that sh*t was maced n*gga, If a n*gga try me than he laced n*gga, Imma try and go get it like the cage n*gga
Best believe they be boostin' me in that cage n*gga, I feel like I'm Bruce Banner where the f*ck the stage n*gga?

I dead ass said "I feel like Bruce Banner, where the cage n*gga?"

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