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"They Ain't Ready (They Don't Know)"

X-Cessive sound soo good, but they ears is not ready, I don't know
If I should kill a classic beat today, cause I done that already, here we go

X-C, come to your hood and drop a banger
Let's see, who in the club a pistol slinger
Your career is over when I'm quotin the openin line
You're hopin to shine, but your dopeness is prone to decline
You broke spitters lyin, see me in your telly
The only Rolls you ever been near to be in your belly
But you digress, cause you don't wanna face the said evidence
I'm lookin for Trump cause I'm on the chase for dead presidents

My words cause brain trauma and my flow is so deadly, they don't know
That I'm rap's best kept secret and I know they ain't ready, they ain't ready!

Who cares if your favourite rapper dies? I'll fill in his spot
Maybe I'm not hailin from a villainous block
Where children get shot, and you can find a hoe every corner there
If you whinin bout it, you already know you should grow a pair
Hell yeah I'm white but I'll kill you for sure
So I'm like hardcore cocaine, a resilient force
Why the holy hell you spend a million for
When your bank account say you only got $3.54?
I defy chemistry 'cause I cause action with lead
Put your faction to bed, kidnap Christopher Wray
Have him missin his legs, then send him back to the feds
I'm a beast, a tyrant, I'm like homeboy on Easter Island cause I'm cracked in the head

You can thank your god that you can go Rap Genius and see what I'm sayin cause most it go over your head
If you a fan of me then you parta my family, I'm the man to be, don't get it? follow Lil Pump instead
There's no reason that I should be wastin my time with you incompetent, poor of hearing fake hip hop heads
If you try to claim that I'm trash you don't know a thing about rap, if you accept mumblin then go and buy dreads, I hate yall

I'm jus playin around, singin and rappin
Stingin you, thing is I'm the ringleader whenever anything happen
What we see can be stylish, but how can people be mature
And grown up when even the Gambino is childish
Man you got me confused
But when the heater is held
I raise my hand quicker than Hitler with the Nazi salute
I'm a one man slaughterhouse, holdin an iron sickle
Yet my eye ain't crooked and I got way more than nine nickels
I give it to you straight, I don't hint or tease
And I can't think of a Joe Budden pun so suggest one please
Oops, there goes the fourth wall, I already smashed the other three
I know I son rappers but you don't catch me actin motherly

Goddamn it Billy, why's there so many hooks? I don't know
I don't really give a damn about this track yet it's better than all yours, you're a hoe!

Here I go again, flowin til my vocal chords get to glowin, there is no one who can show better skill
My talent is immaculate, im rap's anarchist action-packed stacked attraction, I'll detach backs and have vertebrae spilled
Some say I'm overly confident but I'm lonely yet confident yall are wrong for tryna kill off my vibe
But I'll never stop rappin til i eventually flatline but until then I'm here to stay with my rhymes

See when im p*ssed that's the worst part, there's red mist and blurs
I'm quick to put my fist where your words are
Your mouth's blood on your hoodie, it's funny, we got guys
With more tools than the largest Woodie's DIY
My victims' ages vary, I may just bury
An eighty year old lady or staple your baby til it's stationary
Nah I ain't that sick, but my goal is to kick your balls three times for a hat trick, get trapped in my attic
My mind pedals through time, settles in bezels of fine metal lined with ever precise designs
My brain is a gem, my encaged rage escapes when the pen's engravin the page
The stage is a grave for the men
Who climb upon it to diss
This rhyme-aholic, in time abolishes
p*ss-poor rhymin novices, this is my shinin profe-
Ssion, see the way that i break words down
The way I do it is so hot that your place burns down
The top card givin you drinks - this ace serves rounds
To any homeless herd of hatin hobos who ain't heard sounds
That aren't music to they ears when they playin my tracks
I'ma lose it if i hear you givin legends some flak

Okay I'm done now

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