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"Get Right"

Axl Rich - Get Right (written and produced by Axl Rich)

And we're gonna
Get Right, Get Right (3x)
Right, Right

Light it up and
Get Right, Get Right (3x)
Right, Right

And you're gonna get it girl
You're gonna get it girl

We've been drinking
We've been popping
We've been smoking

Light it up and
Get Right, Get Right (3x)
Right, Right

Axl verse 1

And I be smoked out
Choked, Loc'd out
That's what I'm about

Neck, throat, ass - poke it out
Throw it back now

Blow me a shotgun while
I'm in between your thighs
And I'll tell you it's the bomb
Green eyes always lie

Baby you can believe it
Girl you better believe it
Cause I might make a call
And tell my girl that I cheated

I couldn't help myself
Can't help myself cause
You be feeling me like I
Be feeling myself

You trying to feel the rest of it?
Don't spill the rest of it
Internalized when I burn, attention-deficit

She wrote a 4-page letter
Closed it with a kiss
On a 3.5, I took a toke and opened it

I wrote her name in the clouds
Had a high conversation
I made it bang extra loud
Like Tim was back in the basement

She wanna match one
So I gave her a lighter
I came through in the clutch
Now I'm her d supplier

Say we got that fire
Say we got that fire
She so drunk off that patron
And high off my desire

Real n*ggas ain't always right
But we're always for certain
My b*tches ain't always light
But their backs always be hurting

She likes rappers and singers
I'm all the above
I like having fun
Top-shelf liquor and drugs

Was on my way to the party
But now I'm in for the night
I brought the party to me
Now we're about to get right


Aaliyah Bridge




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