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"Potion freestyle"

Huh, yuh, uh

(Verse 1: SLEEPER°)
Fiji water, grandaddy purp
pus*y off the pedestal, let the semi squirt
D.R.I.P. M.O.B. motherf*cker call me bread alert
You throwin' ones, b*tches throw it back while they on percs
Gave her di*k, made her head burst
Addicted to the flavour
She call me Starburst
Rollin' marijuana, lick the wood first
Excuse me, I let the semi-automatic burp
Fiji water, Skywalker OG
You think you know me
I'm ghost like Ben Kenobi
Finna flow free
Floating like a spirit, call me holy
Put it down for Asian brothers, when I bleed I bleed shinobi
I bleed shinobi
Haters try to clone me but they don't know how to zone me
b*tch, I'm a one man team you could call me Kobe
Sip Fiji smoke the OG
Tippin off the syrup call me 666
Smokin' on the jitt, she smokin' on my di*k
Purple tape it's only built for Cuban links
Penny for your thoughts
A dollar for your dreams
And so it seems
Cash rules everything around me

(Bridge: B-Real & The Notorious B.I.G.)
B-Real: Like a puppet on a string x8

The Notorious B.I.G.: Tremendous C.R.E.A.M
f*ck a dollar and a dream
Still tote gats strapped with infrared beams
Cho-choppin' O's, smokin' la in Optimos
Money, hoes and clothes: all a n*gga knows
Tremendous C.R.E.A.M
f*ck a dolla- f*ck a dollar and a dream
Still tote gats strapped with infrared beams
A foolish pleasure
I had to find the buried treasure
So grams I had to measure

(Verse 2: SLEEPER°)
Bugattis and Maseratis
Pipe dreams, since a youngin' always frothed a Rari
12 wanna see me do time, wanna see me scurry
Will I be locked? I'm praying to the Mahdi
Dreading it like rastafari
Pull up with my demons ain't in a hurry
My Sprite is muddy
Stove on my waist, guess you could say I'm cookin' curry
From ninas to subpoenas, my arresting officer wanna press felonies
There ain't no pretendin' B
Had to hit the merit for apologies
Whip it on some tabs
Crab b*tches asses, assessment for the lads
Bad b*tches, backwoods and packs of the Mads Mikkelsen
Nickelin' a half dime of a bag (swerve)
Haters on my ass, tell them birds hit the perch
Gatorades and gas, Mary never let me hurt
Ya heard
The prophet told me it won't be easy
I used to slang while listening to Eazy

(Bridge: B-Real)
Like a puppet on a string x8

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