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Verse 1:
This flow is hideous reapin us insidious
Double cupping purple man that sh*t make me delirious
Only if I check it flow more colder day old pizza crust
I crave it lust yeah ya girl is serious
Bush be climbing higher than a wire full ah cannabis
Wrap it up like rubbers f*ck in silence like anonymous
Silhouettes of cigarettes now the ash to dust
If you think that you're a goddess than you really must
Love it when I drink whats let up from the cabinet
Catch me while I'm fallen like a fish in nets
Sick of getting higher than a kite or fighter jet
Super soak her pus*y wet why so serious
Slide my di*k in like a keyhole
Raid my body cancerous til death upon my kimo
Never been awarded by a rose that sh*ts decapreo
Like um white and dirty like a starbucks cappuccino
Pause take a breath and then I knock out
Dying for redemption maybe find me in a shootout
Coke thick got your kids on snow routes
Rather smoke a thousand packs before i smoke an ounce
Watch her ass bouncing, man that sh*ts astounding
Back to lil bow turn hit her rebounding
Air max 90s kid stuck in 80s soundin
Keep them whiter than a napkin
Kandi sold to cubans pbs zooming
Never born a child star drugs for no abusin
Brusin addy off the counter in my kitchen
Pick me up like danny does for sour and the b*tches
D so big that it make her c*m quicker
J-a-k-o-b cept simpler
Catch me blowin marble while I'm cutting up vanilla ice
Catch me on your tape recording of the f*ckin antichrist
Stand up for my color scream out all the lights
No I'm not a killer cause on this side I'm more bright
Sideways turning from the turn up
Took away my dignity in the rings around a solo cup
Societies virginity was taken after hours
Showed her how I style had her screaming "black power"
Blew me like her powder after sex she need a shower
Sounding the alarm when she drink up all the liquor

J-a-k-o-b di*k bigger
Rather take a bullet from the barrel to my trigger (x4)

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