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"Set It Off"

[Intro: Snoop]
Real n*gga sh*t..
Now I'm bout to show you how the West coast rock
Real n*gga sh*t
Now I'm bout to show you how the West coast rock
Real n*gga sh*t..

[Verse 1: MC Ren]
Here come The Villain again, grab your ho and get the f*ck outta town
This n*gga sh*t make the world go round
It's that black n*gga Ren, duck when I bust
Make Jada get on these nuts, make Will love to cuss
You wanna f*ck with us? Man, I wouldn't do it
Ask this n*gga here, his ass, we ran right through it
You out actin like yo' sh*t be tight
Get some sh*t, f*ck it off like Tomica Wright
Get the f*ck out my sight, I Ren-incarnate
Droppin West coast sh*t in every motherf*ckin state
Motherf*ckin legend, y'all n*ggas be knowin
You can leave yo' b*tch and keep on goin

[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
I am Doggy Dogg b*tch (beitch) love to hit a switch
Never hit a b*tch (beitch) love that gangsta sh*t
Can I hear your flow? Can I f*ck yo' ho?
Boy you hard on 'em - n*gga you ain't know?
When you testify, you got to keep it fly
A lot of n*ggas lie, sh*t we do or die
E'ryday we high, it's like a nine to five
I got my nina my fo'-heata beata by my side
I keep it tucked close when I'm on the West coast (West coast)
I keep it on post when I'm with my East coast folks locs (East coast)
Y'all know what's crack-a-lackin
I'm from the hood of the drivebys and kidnappings, and car-jackings

[Hook: Ice Cube]
Me and Snoop Dogg on the hog
On our way to the mall, f*ck alla y'all
We gon' ball til we fall, watch the chrome crawl
Intercept these fine b*tches cause we want 'em all
Droppin drawers, poppin coochie and lickin balls
Only gangsta ass n*gga follow n*gga laws
Only gangsta ass b*tches get to run the hogs
Only real ass n*ggas get to set it off

[Verse 3: The Lady of Rage]
Now, the way I gets off in that ass it's a sin to not assassin
Grab a microphone have flashbacks and start flashin, ahh
I'm bound to toast ya
String you up like you was on the Ponderosa
Sip on Mimosa do it that way cause I'm supposed ta
Now most of ya, don't measure up
I'll make it hot and turn the pressure up
Steamin, regular, nah supreme and I
Ain't gassed
I blow an MC away like Fox when I pass
Ain't nuttin sh*tty about this here f*ck around and that's that ass
Just like, grass I, I want more Green than the Goblin
Matter of fact I want more Bank than that chick that be modelin (UHH!)
My uzi weighs more than a single ton
I leave you single son, who wanna mingle not a single one
Hah, now tell me what you figure, n*gga
Rob load up the show slow flow spitter
The hard hitter (UHH) the R n*gga, roll
I break it down sweet then I bring it back slow


[Verse 4: Nate Dogg]
n*gga that was dumb diggy diggy dumb dumb
Here them n*ggas come kiddy kiddy come come
I think a n*gga sprung spriggy spriggy sprung sprung
Probably why he done diggy diggy done done
Yo' lady think I'm cute, I be knockin her boots
When she's away from home, she be swallowin juice
You thinkin that's yo' son, but he ain't lookin like you
See the barrel of a gun, n*gga whatcha gon' do?
Set it off

[Verse 5: Snoop Dogg]
n*ggas pop mo' sh*t while we drop mo' sh*t
Continously, n*gga n*gga please
Slang yo' ki's, birdies and trees
You can catch me and my n*ggas, overseas
Shootin the breeze, with a cute Vietnamese
Or was she Lebanese? I think she Chinese
It really don't matter cause they all on they knees
It's somethin bout these motherf*ckin West coast G's
Make that cheese, when the cops come you bet' not freeze
Blast on 'em like the Genovese, they yo' enemies
Lock you up and f*ck you up
Talk sh*t to you beat you down then cuff you up
And leave you in a cell stuck (damn!)
I ain't got no money for bail, that's real as f*ck (f'real)
Tryin to get a meal ticket and kick it
Chill, catch a plane to Spain or maybe Brazil
On the real can you feel me?

[Outro: Kurupt]
Yeah, yeah, set it off
It's Kurupt Young Gotti
Doin it big, for all y'all suckers
We set it off, Snoop Dogg!
It's "Tha Last Meal"
Last time y'all suckers gon' eat off my big homeboy
We set it off!
We set it off! West coast   

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