"Brush em’ Off"

(You are now tuned in to the muhf**kin’ greatest)

Shorty mouth on me like stucko
Told her we can’t f**k though
I got n***as in my business, acting like they cutthroat
Gotta keep aware, cause it’s no way I’ll let the money buckle
Give me a chance, and I won’t fumble
Imma show my hustle
See this my tunnel vision
I’m in your ear with a funnel
I put my heart up in it
I push a bar with some muscle
You wanna talk about it
Yea me and you, we can tussle
I come with fire flows
Yea I got more than a couple

You really hate me, don’t you?
Yea, I can see it in your face
n***a I wouldn’t approach you
Don’t like me, you got bad taste
To me you don’t even exist
I know you speak down on my name
Why don’t you go back to your b*t*h?
Ask her how Bro d**k taste
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