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"Infinite Sidd 2"

Yo, it's Infinite Sidd

[Verse 1]
The music looping on, sitting at my desk hoping I get another sesh hotter than Rabbit Hole ho
It's Genesisesque
You see, understand
Don't think, just run the stand
Conscience talking out of turn like it's Summer-Jam, ho
Telling Sidd is the f*cking man
All them small fry; live before they all die
You hi-def, they just lo-fi
Won't fight, just co sign with the receipt feet up
You'll rule the world some day, just ain't your season; Fall
You the winner, this summer
Spring up on Mr. Carter
Sell music like crack to his daughter
Follow- his footsteps or his quota
What I mean is, you gonna say some sh*t for yourself, or would you rather quote them?
Four door; Sosa
So hot, when I show up
Don't drink, but it's the liquor that I pour up
So what?

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