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"Members Only!"

Keith Foster make it bang
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ayy, Members Only be the clique
Members Only, Members Only

[Verse 1: TankHead666]
Members Only be the clique, suck a di*k, little b*tch
Got money on my time and ain't no time for no b*tch
Members Only be the clique, suck a di*k, little b*tch
Members Only be the clique, suck a di*k, little b*tch
And I know you b*tches see us n*ggas shine in this sh*t
And the reason for that, 'cause we grindin' for this
Members only be the clique, suck a di*k, little b*tch
Members only be the clique, suck a di*k, little b*tch

[Verse 2: ratchet roach]
Members Only in this b*tch, suck my di*k, little b*tch
Ratchet in this b*tch, so you know I'm on that f*ck sh*t
Yeah, Boss with double G's and a new chopstick
If a n*gga try me, I'ma bust that b*tch
Ayy, hol' up, roll-up, in a drop top (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Where he at? Bentley lit, that's the hot spot
I'm in this b*tch, ayo
Yeah, 'dem boys, you know we, tryna go home, playa' (What up hoe?)

[Verse 3: Flyboy Tarantino]
On the block, hit my jack, when ya comin' through? (When ya comin' through?)
You would think I'm B.I.G the way I get the loot (The way I get the loot)
Both eyes wide open, they look at you (Huh)
Huh, she been acting messy and she think that's cute
That ain't gas in yo' blunt, boy, you smokin' boof (Boy, you smokin' boof)
Want a coupe wit' my b*tch, hangin' out the roof (Skrr, skrr, skrr)
If it's pressure, we gon' bust, don't play me for a fool
Don't move 'cause my goons clenchin' on the tool (Huh)
Betty Boop, shawty, she love how I groove (She love how I groove)
What I do, I know other n*ggas wanna do (What they wanna do)
Huh, copy cattin' n*ggas movin' how I move (How I move)
When my platoon walk in the room, you better keep it cool

[Verse 4: Cooliecut]
Yuh, huh, yuh, top notch (Yuh)
I'ma crack the n*gga, no crack rock, uh (Ayy, ayy)
Five-five, uh
Hit a n*gga wit' the .4-5-5, uh (Huh, yah)
Got a n*gga runnin' like he hopscotch, uh
I don't talk crazy, I'm about my, uh (Ayy)
Choke a n*gga out, 6-1-9 (Hey, yuh)

[Verse 5: Bass Santana]
I might black
Just don't call me back, I'ma pop a flat
Make 'em nap
Runnin' f*ckin' laps, they like “Bass relax”
Where you at?
Where I lay my head is where I lay my stacks
It's the gang
Members Only took ya' soul, no coming back

[Verse 6: rawhool mane & KiD TRUNKS]
What you think? (b*tch)
Pull up to the clan hella deep (b*tch)
At the crib they put you to sleep (b*tch)
My n*ggas be wildin' they all need a shrink (Uh, huh)
I got your b*tch smiling she wet like a sink (Ayy! Gling, gling)
(Ya dig, ya dig)
I'm guessing she island, the pus*y was pink
I'm smoking exotic my eyes hell chink (Uhu)
Let's get on the beat, the choppa might ring (Ayy!)

[Verse 7: KiD TRUNKS]
Smokin' green like Yoshi (Uh)
We don't f*ck with phonies (Uh, uh)
b*tch, I feel like Tony (Uh)
My shoota keep that 40 (Uh, uh)
I can't never trust a ho, the devil keep no phony (Uh)
Ya mama run up on me when she wanna be escorted (Uh, uh, uh)
I hit her, hit her
She call me, “Mister, Mister” (Uh, uh)
Just the other day she called while I was f*ckin' on her sister
That sh*t ain't hard (Uh), that sh*t is really simple (Uh, uh)
Talk down, get popped like you a pimple (Pimple)
I can't lie, Ratchet bleedin' like a menstrual (Uh, uh)
Input, you can't keep up with my mental (Uh, uh)
My teeth shine, I'ma go right to the dental (Uh, uh)
She suck my, she gon' blow it like a candle (Ayy!)

[Verse 8: Craig Xen]
Blowin' on me like a candle (Candle)
Suckin' on me like a vacuum
Members Only got a million opponents but none of them look like a match (Ooh)
Livin' this and that's a fact, triple 6 on the back of the Cadillac
License plate, up and down, I-10, ridin' with Roach and Tank (Woo!)

[Verse 9: Kin$oul]
Members Only be the clique (Huh), suck a di*k, lil' b*tch (Uhu)
Dope in the air (What, what?), disappear in the mist
I don't give a damn about this f*ckin' rap sh*t
But I do like they way I sound on my ad-libs (Ayy, ayy, ayy)

[Verse 10: SB]
Members Only be the motherf*ckin' clique (Be the clique)
Had to dip and left a message on her lip (On her lip)
Bentley sh*t, I throw up B's just like I'm sick (Yah, yah, yah)
Gone through relationships a Tarantino hit
You think she wifey but she bench pressin' them di*ks (Yah, yah, yah)
Master Splinter, boy, the way I hold a stick (Yah, yah, yah)
I predict me and my n*ggas gettin' rich (Yah, yah, yah)
And if you posted like a stamp, then you get licked (b*tch)

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