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"Hot Girl"

[Intro: Ziggla Wiggla:]
This  what it is baby
Ziggla  muthaf*ckin Wiggla
Ya understand me
And I'm gettin' in with my girl Reup Reedy
Ya  understand me
Oh  boy
It's going down baby
My  girl is a real muthaf*ckin hot girl
Ya understand me

[Verse 1: Reedy]

I'm a freak
I love me a n*gga who like to eat
I  ain't cuffin' we just f*ckin' lil daddy just give me meat
And his strokes so official got me screamin' and yellin'
I love a big di*k n*gga nine inches or better
I'm nasty Nicki Minaj strong as Mary J Blige
He call me his bust it baby we f*ck listenin' to Plies
pus*y gripping like pliers I like that di*k from the side
He love when I eat him while I'm staring straight in his eyes
I love the di*k from behind
He like it more when I ride
I tell him not to pull out cause I like when he c*m inside
Switchin' different positions we been f*cking for a minute
It feel like a holiday cause i'm thankful for what he givin'
My friends been lookin' for me I been chillin' with him
He make this pus*y overflow from the simplest sh*t
All he gotta do is touch me and I be ready to f*ck him
When he kiss me I blushin'
Boy you got this pus*y gushin'
I'm a gansta b*tch
Love me a hood n*gga who be slangin' di*k
One who don't play with hoes on some faithful sh*t
Got me tweakin' to see him on some anxious sh*t

[Outro: Ziggla Wiggla:]
She is the queen
The princess of the bounce sh*t
Ya understand me
And she say "Ziggy"
I said "what's happening baby"
She said "I need you to come out and get some sh*t straight for me"
I said "Not problem baby. It's good you know what I'm saying"
It's like it's going down baby
Uptown to downtown
Reup Reedy baby you already know what it is n*gga
It's real in the muthaf*ckin field
She a real hot girl you understand me
That bounce muthaf*ckin sh*t
That rap sh*t
That gangsta sh*t
She a muthaf*cka that hustle out here understand me
She sleep in the studio
She eat in the studio
She sh*t in the studio
And guess what
Ziggla Wiggla live at five, six, and ten with my dawg my girl Reedy understand me
The reup baby
We gettin it in like Rin Tin Tin baby
Be on the lookout
My girl Reedy
Ziggla Wiggla
And it's going down like James Brown
And I'm out
Oh Boy

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