X Clan

"Ndodemnyama (African National Congress Remix)"

[ Afrika Bambaataa ]
Why do you (you) (you) (you)
Come  to di land (di land) (di land)
Zulu  (Zulu) (Zulu) (Zulu) (Zulu) (Zulu)

[ Brother Jay ]
Brother Jay speaks, silly mortals take heed
Protected by the red, black, green with a key
Slaves  from the Motherland, boy, what a drag
Especially  when royalty's chained by a caveman
A vanglorious way by the colors
Free  South Africa and free our Mother

[ Professor X ]
Mandela, protected by the red, the black and the green
With a key

[ Afrika Baby Bam of Jungle Brothers ]
I give it to brothers in the north, south, west and east
Grandfather Bambaataa said I could speak my piece
Grab a few bars and what I say is that
Crush that African Apartheid bullcrap
Poppa had this before you
I got my rifle to your dome, now what you wanna do?
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