What you wish for lyrics

Lyn Inaizumi

[Verse 1:]
Come on dear pierrot, make a wish
Take your time and decide what's right
Can't you see the light?

Time to stop dancing
Around the mirror
In circles
Crying one more tear

Be the key, love
Ready to hop through the looking glass
Feel free, love
Adventures awaiting you
Another maze lies ahead
Don't let it slip
You have come all this way
Stay strong
Stand up now and please make a wish

[Verse 2:]
Come on dear pierrot, make a move
Try to shine and question it all
It's okay to fall

Time to crawl out of
This prison keeping
You chainеd down
Break free from this fear

Be thе key, love
If you fly, please take an umbrella
Feel free, love
So many peculiar
Happenings and encounters
With a firm grip
Your future waits right here
Go on
Get up now and please make a wish

Get up on the stage
Give it a try one more time
Give up the sad face now
Take on your own story

Be the key, love
Stories of princes and roses
Feel free, love
Every doubt making you insecure
Turns into hope
Nothing to skip
All these roads to take
Walk on
Look up now and please make a wish

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