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Billy Joe Shaver

"Honey Chile"

Honey Chile was a Cajun gal what lived in Vacherie
She stole away my heart there
But loving don't come free
Like Honey Chile's

Honey Chile, all my friends told me three times or two
I can't make you love me, I can't make you be true, Honey Chile

I didn't Know as I paddled up this river yesterday
That a fast-talking gambler would come and steal away my Honey Chile

Honey Chile, why'd you go and dome me that way
Why'd You leave me crying on the levee that day, Honey Chile

Honey Chile, I done told you if you leave me, don't look back
I'll done you like them crawfish, put you in a burlap sack, Honey Chile

Than I searched 'til I found you in that house in New Orleans
You was trompin' out my heart there, being anybody's queen, Honey Chile

You didn't know when we left there headed back to Vacherie
That the ones we left behind us had seen all there was to see of Honey Chile

Honey Chile, as I paddle up this river looking back
I see a bump on the levee, I'm missing one burlap sack and Honey Chile

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