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Billy Joe Shaver


Omaha you've been weighin' heavy on my mind
Guess I never really left it all
I'm turnin' all those roads I walked around the other way
Coming back to you Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska, wasn't good enough for me
Always thought I was the roamin' kind
With a pocket full of dreams and my one shirt on my back
I left there looking for some things to find
Rode my thumb to San Francisco
I worked down by the Bay
Got some schoolin' paid for by the law
The hardest thing I learned there was there ain't no easy way
To get ahead behind those county walls
So it's "so long, California," I reckon I'll be a movin' on
I'm leavin' even if I had to crawl
I've got some loose ends laying round
That I left undone
Waitin' there for me in Omaha


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