YC (Yung Chris)
Turned Up With My Real Nikkaz Only
Chris Brown now these Ladies wanna show Me
Kasi Boy Lookin Fresh if yu ain't know me
Bring Your Girl To The Club Then
You'll Know Me ey
NO CHILL.... NO CHILL..... NO CHILL got your main mommy looking on the real ey
Too hot for that ice so you know we don't chill

(Verse 1 :T.hardy)
Hitting a right so don't ever take me Wrong
I think is the crowd is the Power To Keep Me Strong
That's why I mention my city in song
Like A Fat N***a Weiner I promise i won't take long
Yea I turn Up On a Sunday
A couple of minutes I'm back in da stu on a Monday(HEY HEY!!!!)
Turn your hate around
Something Like a ferris wheel
Ba dlala Kaofela di Joker I can't tell if they ever real
Cap city Representer In da Building
Got your main Mommy looking on the real
So Fly Parachutes Can't Deal
And We Hotter Than the rest So yu know we don't chill
(verse 2 :T.hardy)
Cap city thats My City An Ayjiki
Ke tsene Ke Bethe di Heat(i) Ke tshwere le YC on The Beat(i)
And These people can Be hating
But I see it as a Relief
How You say that You a hater When my Track is On repeat?
All You Nikkaz Check Da Clock Cause Your Time Is Up On The Wall
We still fresh from the Block I'm not talking Bout Alcohol
The ba** on the speakers Almost made a nikka fall Shawdy an Got Gloves on But She Hit the Dance floor
Find Us In DA Hood Posted up On A Real
So fly Parachutes Can't Deal
An I'm hotter than the rest so yu know we Don't chill
(Verse 3 : T.hardy)
Black Brown Yellow bone with a Nice Flair
Long Hair Short Hair man I don't Care
But she gotta have A package In The back There
If She Flat Then You better know i won't stare
For really I'm liking Your Posture
She Date a Rapper ale ko kasi Wa boaster
Now She Too Attached She also Wanna be on posters
An I told Aro jika daa Ko Dollar
Re reke Sphatlo maybe Le twizza ya Cola
After daar Re kano Jika ko Sabona
Show yu pheli an I'm talking every Corner
I can tell By your Looks That your Ex ne ao bora
(closing hook)