YC (Yung Chris)
Send Me Da Addy
Hook: Send me da addy!
N***as dead like daddy
All red I’m slashing
My pistol look shabby
Smoke a eighth of exotic
Selling P’s I’m nappy
Puff puff make you happy
Hard drugs make me laggy
Send me da addy!
Shorty got a phatty
Got drugs for the baggies
Got drums if you maddy
Send you to daddy
Got a gun, think you Shaggy
Looking for clue ratty
My b*t*hes bratty!

Verse) Big t**s
Take a flick
Don’t tag me
Took my number she bag me
Told her come home to daddy
Unknowingly she had me
When I was broke she pa** me
Said I’ll never be having
Funny now she lacking
Never caught slacking
Keep a gun in a mackage
No blood but a Mack 10
In the club for back end
Secure the baggy
My jewelry flashy
All my girlfriends married
Send me the addy!
Keep sinning and carry
We wining in tally
Can’t walk thru my alley
I’m Going back to Cali
Got some Crips in Dallas
Got some hoes in Raleigh
Down south catch a body
Send me the addy!
Pull up to ya college
With automatics and revolvers
Want all of problems
We immuned to the violence
Send me addy!
Puff puff take a draggy
Pull up to the trappy
Bust shells through the patty