Fart Babies lyrics

Lil Pump

[Verse 1: Best Bother]

Oh I got to poop im going to eat some soup
That was some great soup oh I need to poop again oh oh aye yeah mmm yeah Fortnite I play Fortnite I play Fortnite I play Fortnite Ahhh ohhh ahhh Fortnite is the best game ahhhh Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite is the best game 1v1 me sc*m
Oh ah im better Lebron dunk on your heads like I am a bomb oh yeah oh yeah uh uh yeah yeah pennies poop on myself like im having stools

[Verse 2: 6ix9ine]

(Sc*m gang)
Pop these n***as like a wheelie, n***a, you a silly n***a
In the hood with them Billy n***as and them Hoovеr n***as
You run up and they shootin' n***as, we ain't hoopin', n***a
Yo, KB, you a loser, n***a, up that Uzi, n***a
On thе stoop, crills in my drawers, your girl on my phone
She wanna f**k, but keep her clothes on, I only want the jaw
Man, that's really all I use her for, then kick her out the door
I don't want her, you can keep the whore, she fiendin' for some more

[Verse 3: Lil Pump]
You the type of n***a go cry to a ho (Ho)
If I go broke, I'ma kick doors (Kick doors)
I'ma go back to sellin' nicks at the Citgo (Citgo)
I can't go, no
Hop on a flight if I ain't got my pole (Pole)
Smellin' like gas through the border patrol (Patrol)
I ran outta drank so I canceled my show, whoa
I p*ss on these racks on the floor (Brr), oh
I got a Glock in my trenchcoat (Uh-huh)
Canceled the show, lost a 100K (100K)
Made that sh*t back in like half a day (Half a day)
Just got outta jail, got another case (Whoa)
Jack a n***a car and his license plate (Goddamn)

[Verse 4: Blueface]
Pull up on your block, then I bleed it (Bleed it)
Slidin', if I don't drop somethin'
I can't leave it (I can't leave it)
Wock' got me poured, but this
TEC got him leanin' (Got him leanin')
Never let the beef get cold
Where's the meetin'? (Where's the meetin'?)
f**k a handgun, b*t*h, I brought a MAC in (MAC in)
Gotta keep a technical in case a n***a hackin' (Hackin')
Glock with a d**k on my lap, I'm in traffic (Traffic)
My pistol bloated, ready to unload it ('Load it)
Pop up least expected, like a notice (Notice)
Famous Crip, everywhere I go, people notice
I started to notice, you gotta
Watch the people closest (Closest)
Dozin' off in this Benz 'cause I can afford not to focus
Glock make 'em disappear, hocus pocus (Hocus pocus)
I work too hard, b*t*h, I'm never lackin' (Never lackin')
I tote pistols, you n***as typin' all captions (Yeah aight)
I'm really poppin'
You n***as need to stop cappin' (Stop cappin')

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