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It's probably just a small place
With a lot of land around it, on a hill
French garden on the outside, probably big
Entrance with a gate
Must be a place of solitude, a mental solitude
It's an attitude, that I know very well
But, a physical place?

Only have one little staircase
And the typical fountain in the entrance
Garden extends around the house
But keep it simple, maybe another fountain on the other side
Something a bit bigger, but not necessarily huge
Yeah, like a low fence with a little gate that's never closed
What a great view
Enjoy the tranquility
In the alley for the cypresses that leads to the house
And then just this vast sort of, uh, horizon
Gather my senses together in the woods, experience hope

I keep a dungeon for the darker thoughts
To cleanse myself, to be able to go downstairs and scream
I think if there's a s-, if there's a palace in my mind
It's, it's less sort of a fortress away from the rest of the world
It's halfway between the world and the stars
The sounds for the colors, for the possibilities of perception
Absolute clarity, I know the answers
You can just get away from everything
Except for your own thoughts
Grounded in that entity
I don't think I would feel alone, because it doesn't really matter
You have the best view you could possibly imagine
I think you can see the stars a lot better up there
You can bend them everywhere
Somewhere near the event horizon of solitude
(Absolute tranquility)
Over the end of every road
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