Go With the Flow (Alternate Mix)

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

[Intro: Samples]
One, two
One, two, ready, play
Get on now
Get on now
Get on now

[Verse 1: C.L. Smooth]
Yo', from the intro, I flow
Three in a row, buildin' like a Lego
Stacks upon stacks it attacks the wax
Scrub it like Ajax, relievin' as a Ex-Lax
The night cap of rap here to make another hit
To undercover, smother, word to mother
Pump it for the playground, world renowned
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth is in town
I design a logical line, a mastermind
So recline and listen to what's mine
I'm untouchable, lovable
Some try to imitate, but you can't make a double of
Me, the capital C, capital L
Capital S-M-double O-T-H, yes
A pro, so you know
You gotta go with the flow

[Bridge: Pete Rock Scratching Sample]
Get on now
Get on now
Get on now
Get on now

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