Sugar Baby

Megan Thee Stallion

Oh, he want a bad b*t*h?
Well, I want a n***a with some money and a long d**k
Buy me everything in my cart if you my boyfriend (Helluva made this beat, baby)
Invest in this pu**y, boy, support Black business

Get it for a bad b*t*h, spend it for a bad b*t*h
If you got some money, then trick on a bad b*t*h
Spend it for a bad b*t*h, get it for a bad b*t*h
If you got some money, n***a, trick on a bad b*t*h

[Verse 1]
Oh, you wanna see my nails when they done? sh*t, pay for 'em
You can't have opinions on no sh*t that you ain't payin' for
All them high school mindgames only work on needy b*t*hes
Call yourself not talkin' to me, I'm already callin' my other n***a, ayy
Boy, I eat like a bad b*t*h, kale on my salad (Salad)
Designer on my sheets, boy, I sleep like a bad b*t*h (Bad b*t*h)
Thinkin' that he Future, I'ma leave him in the past tense (Bye)
And I'm in my book, so I think like a bad b*t*h (Woah, woah)
He said, "Let's make a movie," and nutted so quick, we made a story (Ugh)
He tell people we not talkin', no, lil' n***a, you gettin' ignored (Ah, ah, ah)
He text askin' what we are, I'm like, "LOL, I'm dead" (LOL, I'm dead)
I think all these n***as stupid, but I still want the head, ayy
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