XXL - What I Do Freestyle lyrics

Megan Thee Stallion

I’m really ballin’, you b*t*hes 2K
Don’t wanna link with these hoes, they two-faced
Stay in they feelings, stay in some business
Soap opera rappers, All Of My Children
b*t*h, I was goin’ hard for them deciphers
I’m finna sign to the biggest empire
Chain on my neck, and that b*t*h look like me
I’m who yo BD is comin’ to see
Walk in the mall, can you Gucci me please?
He wanna know how much money I need
Coke-bottle body, your man wanna drink
Bad b*t*hes in my dm wanna link
Hot in my city, no radio play
sh*t that you ask, I’mma do anyway
All of these b*t*hes gon’ do what I say
Hot girl, hot girl, hot girl, aye
And when they lackin’ flavor, turn to Megan for the seasoning
Big tittiеs out, it don’t matter what the season is
Hoеs in my mix tryna figure what the season is
n***as never leave, and they knowin’ what the reason is
Got the best pu**y in the whole wide world
Hoes need to learn that I am that girl
Put it in his face, then I make that twirl
Bussin’ like a diamond when he lick that pearl, ahh

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