Kevin Kazi



Hook (Polar333)
Flashin’ lights
Count money
It’s a cash cow
You was talkin’ sh*t
But I’m getting to my bag
Lots of voices in my head
That I can’t even count them
I’ve been poppin’ xans
But I still can’t seem to slow down
Now she hit my phone
I decline, I don’t lose time
It’s by no surprise
Got my bro on the FaceTime
Called because I glowed
Now she wanna see my wrist shine
I fly coast to coast
While you’re sitting on the sideline

Verse 1 (Polar333)
I just made a rack
Flipping packs
Time to upscale
b*t*h I’m independent
Making money off the resale
I don’t f**k with fakes
I buy this sh*t for retail
My teeth filled with ice
Hit the blunt, then I exhale
Your new shorty pretty nice
I’mma steal that
Look into my eyes
Heart of ice
I don’t feel bad
I stay up at night
Playing games
Why you still sad?
Never trust a hoe
Cause you’ll never get your soul back
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