Lil Tecca

"Did It Again"

We love you, Tecca

I got a pack, hit 'em and do it again
f**k it, I'm f**kin' her friend
I got bands, one day I'm flying to France
Juggin' 'til a n***a land
You got a man, know what I do to ya mans?
No I ain't shootin' the hands, took an L, I ain't took one again
Crashed the 'Rari so I hopped in the Benz
So, ooooh, it's crazy how they watch a young n***a gon' move
It's crazy, worry about yourself n***a, make a move
You steady watchin' all the winnin' n***as, you gon' lose

I don't gotta prove, you steady watchin' all the winnin' n***as
You gon' lose, I will never lose

Flyin' my mom to Japan, flyin' my dad to Japan, we in a Benz
We gon' link up with the fam, yeah I'm talkin' MBM, yeah yeah
Buddy I don't ever lack, the choppa make a n***a dance
Versatile, freelance, f**k any b*t*h n***a, it depends
Only with the sh*ts if you a 10, pickin' any b*t*h, yeah I'm the man
If you want a feature, give me a grand

Drip on my body, I'm cool like a fan
I can not lose, I was up grindin', they snooze

f**k all the fightin', be cool
f**k all the dyin', keep tools

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