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Lil Tecca

"Wildin’/Long Island*"

Lyrics From Snippet
Ayy, yeah

I said "Bro, where we at?" We in Long Island
Don’t trust that b*tch over there, that shorty wildin’
You see the drip on my body, n*gga stylin’
Boy you not like that, stop tryna start violence
Get freestylin’, yeah, rewindin’
If I do some dirt, would a n*gga stay silent?
I feel like AJ-47, n*gga gotta silence
He need some more opioids, that n*gga got high tolerance
Bad Perc, come down, n*gga, do not bother him
MDMA, ain’t nobody f*cking stopping him
That boy off the Ketamine, he talking [?] rock at him
Pass a pass off, yeah, that n*gga [?] stalkin' him
Say you don’t like me, you on my page stalkin' him
Do the walk, you do the walk, but now where you walkin at?
When your b*tch, she see me, she like “Oh, he poppin'", yeah
Yeah, she with her friends so you know that they stop and stare
And I told that b*tch pull up to the stu', pus*y poppin’ here
And if I see a cop, then you know I’m gettin’ out of there
Askin’ how much money that I got, it’s a lot in there
And my closet real full, I don’t even know what I wanna wear
b*tch wanna f*ck, I’m like “Do you got a condom in there?”
I got a bad b*tch for my n*ggas, I got [?] in here
I don't like, like, I tell her to back, back
n*gga said he wanna link, b*tch, I need 10 racks
And I’m with the gang now, can never lack, lack
Still go to school, n*gga, MCM backpack
Sike! Jansport, n*ggas ain’t rich out here
And I got a small circle, n*ggas ain’t friends out here
And my girl a dime, n*gga, only f*ck with 10's out here
Just shot a new-

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