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Lil Tecca

"Number (N)ine*"

Lyrics from Snippets

Yeah, she givin' me top, I walk in the B&B
He want a feature, figure they feelin' me
Sippin' Lean, all my n*ggas be sippin' tea
Off of the Perc, he floatin' like fifty feet
You n*ggas is pus*y, I'm givin' them kitty treats
Watch ya' b*tch hit my line, say she missing me
I'm feelin' like Curry, my n*ggas gon' hit the three
.30 hit him, make him dance like Billie Jean
Uh, I got the bands, pourin' up
She said that she want a photo
Shorty love me like I'm Sosa
He don't want no war, nah
Had that sh*t like World War Nine
n*gga, free number nine, on my jeans, Number (N)ine, yeah
Free number nine, on my jeans, Number (N)ine
Thirteen car garage, n*gga, I don't even drive
He gon' stare like a opp
She say "Hi", I say "Bye"
She was gay, I tell her "Bye"
That boy, he so high, look at the sky
My life is a movie, talkin' on the live
You n*ggas is tight, just like a tie
Just bust at the opps, ha-ha-ha
Choppa gon' make big noise, la-la-la
You n*ggas is pus*y, y'all n*ggas is dry
Choppa gon' make big noise, la-la-la
Yeah, always have my guys
You’d like to be friends? You know that’s a [?]
I know what I'ma do, I don’t gotta try
That shawty gon' lie, I don't gotta front
I hit from the back and I hit from the front
I just made like seven digits this month
Keep talkin' 'bout cash, I got a bunch
[?] dream, you can’t touch
He wants smoke, he wants some Runtz
Just caught an opp and we scorin' them points
I might just roll up on-

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