Lil Tecca

"Ball Out*"

Cody, pass me the strap
You never showed up

[Chorus: Lil Tecca & isamantha]
Yeah, Pull up, Show out
Show up, Hop Out
We gon' go up when we rock out
She don't know us but she wall out
All we do is flexing, Ballout
Ballout (Ballout)
Ballout (Ballout)
Ballout (Ballout)
Ballout (Ballout)

[Verse: isamantha]
Ballin', Ballin', Ballin' (I'm Ballin')
Hundred down to the shoes, yeah
You know what we doin'
Can't stop us moving
Big Bruise, A hundred
[?} they wavin'
I know you're down to text my phone
But you know it stays on read
Some days I just stay at home
Count the money on the bed
I'm drowning in a [?]
Somebody might call a fed
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