Cycle/Psycho* lyrics

Lil Tecca

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...Goin' 'round just like a cycle
She want just one night, oh

Yeah, I know everything in my life goin' 'round just like a cycle
I got what you want, when you don't got it, you a psycho
With that dark vibe, I'ma take it to the light though
I like one-on-one's, I can take it down iso'
Counter-melodies, that's that Lil Tecca type flow
Think before I speak, I'ma say it with no typos
If I talk my sh*t, I'ma say it with no typos
Work until I fall, yeah, lil' n***a, get your grind on

If you tryna flex on a n***a, that's not me
Carti-Cartiers for my vision, all I see
No, don't ask where I be, could be S-I-L-E-N-T
It don't matter where I'm at, 'cause regardless, she want me
If I'm on your mind, you can say that (Say that)
When I cross your mind, I know you hate that
b*t*h, I'm on top...

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