Unstoppable lyrics

Lil Tecca

Census, what you cookin'?

I know b*t*hes want trust, but I say none
Hop in that 'Vette, get gone, gotta see my sons
I can tell that she want me, ooh
They just be throwin' dirt on me, ooh
Had these b*t*hes before the coupes
n***as, they talkin', I call the troops

Alex McQueen, what you want now?
Balenci', you want now
I got thotties straight from down South
Play with me, you get a roundhouse
"Daddy," yeah, that's what they call me, ooh
Baby, I can tell you want me, ooh
She know I'm unstoppable, I just pulled up in designer boots

They be like, "Tecca, I peepеd that you fly"
I know she wanna cuff me, but I want one night
I just f**kеd on his b*t*h and I know that he tight
My b*t*hes mean, I don't like 'em nice
I leave her on seen, now she talk in spite
Spend a lil' bag with the gang, you know we finna turn up
3.5, I'm goin' insane, baby, you don't gotta say none
Can't f**k with no lame, don't wanna grow pain
Don't wanna explain, I know I'm on
Boy, you a scam, n***a, you a con
All of these n***as, they know what I'm on
They think they, think they know what I'm on, oh yeah

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