Up, Down* lyrics

Lil Tecca

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We love you, Tecca
Damn, Kyle, you going off

She wanna up, down, babygirl, come over
She cannot slow down, babygirl doin' code now
She know the code now, she just come over
She on the road now, she gettin' pulled over
She wanna up, down, she ain't showin' no love, yeah
She still wanna f**k, yeah, I don't give no f**ks, yeah
I don't trust you, but you still in my conscience
I don't know you, but you still on my body

Life with all the racks, life with all the stacks
If I ever f**k this b*t*h, I take it, take it back, ayy
She don't know 'bout racks, ayy
She don't know 'bout stacks, ayy
Four wheel drive, like I'm on the way to a whole new life
Knew I would get here, I just had to take my time
b*t*h named...

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