Lil Tecca

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SurfGang, b*t*h
Ayo, J6, turn that up

[Verse 1: Pasto Flocco]
b*t*h, I'm strapped up
I been fiendin' for n***as to act up
Said he want smoke, finna trigger his asthma
My nina a thot, she gon' bust some
Dissing the A, you a dumb-dumb
If he d**k-riding, give him a thumbs up
He said that he street, we gon' kill some
Dissin' my squad, we gon' come for your loved ones
Get with a B, b*t*h, I'm fiendin' to drill some
Throw up the A, make her pants drop
She get horny with the drip, ah
Percocet make that b*t*h sit down
I got money, they all on my d**k now
Told 'em sit down, how the f**k I'ma feel now

[Bridge: Pasto Flocco]
(He ain't legit, that boy a fraud
Like, ho turned 'round with two bad b*t*hes
And they wan' sit on my c*ck)

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