​The D.O.C.
Judgement Day
{​​​​​​​​*Dr. Dre playes sample of Police sireens all over the track*}​​​​​​​​

[Intro: Six2]
It's Judgement Day
{​​​​​​​​you know what I'm sayin', if any one got sick}​​​​​​​​
{​​​​​​​​30 day 61}​​​​​​​​

[Verse 1: Six2]
Total choas, all out, ma** confusion
Dead wood's cruisin' for bruising's
Labelled me sick, Six2's havin' a psychopathic fit
Some people think I'm loony and, deranged "uh ha"
Because I commits murders at a point blank range {​*Gun Shot*}​
Bow down, I'm aimin' at your face
Murder one dead pig, close casket case
All out war, don't ring the alarm
These hollow points'll cave ya chest in, and f**k up your arm
Fool, I'll drops the bomb
Casualties packed up and stacks like in Nam
My G lock don't seem they wanna stop
Four dead wood, left for dead in the donut shop
It's time to tear the roof off this muhf**ker
Ain't got no love for these suckers, style busters

[Hook: Six2]
It's Judgment Day
Don't you get caught sleepin' without your AK

[Break: Six2]
I touched down at the LAX
Okay, best dope ever mixed, Two Face and Doc. Dre

[Dr. Dre]
Welcome to Californ-ia, my n***a
The home of palm trees and sticky green killers

[Verse 2: Six2]
I hit the city G'd up "for real"
And let's get this understood, I'm good for two or three mill
Deeply thinkin' while I'm rollin', smokin' and drinkin'
The D.O.C. know it ain't easy been me
Done been through the whole nine and still tickin'
This is Gena-Cide on mine, let's be realistic
If he don't get what he supposed, he subject to go ballistic
Two Face'll leave the mothaf**ker twisted
Watch ya mouth, y'all n***as don't even know me but you owe me
Don't be like these phonies, and catch a dome kal homie
That's all I gotta say my n***a, case's closed
Now let's go and get this paper my n***a and chase hoes
[Hook: Six2]
It's Judgment Day
Don't you get caught sleepin' without your AK
Don't you get caught sleepin' without your AK

[Verse 3: Six2]
I touched down from outta no where, ready to catch a case
The Gorilla goes bananas with a solid black bandanna on his face
His tattoo say "8 one G"
Two Face the b*t*h killer, all eyes on me
I do my dirt in the broad day, with the AK
'Til they'll deceased, me hear R.I.Peace
See my mentality is totally f**ked up
I'mma time bomb tickin' ready to self destruct
I do this 'til I'm satisfied, y'all ain't heard
I goes Bozo on b*t*hes, they said cause the hud and the herb
Havin' suicidal thoughts in my room
Won't hesitate to put the .44 to your dome then Boom {​*Gun Shot*}​

[Outro/Hook: Six2]
Don't you get caught sleepin' without your AK
Sincerely yours Mr. 2 Face
Don't you get caught sleepin' without your AK
Senicerely your Mr. 2 Face