​The D.O.C.
No One Can Do It Better
(No one can do it better) (Repeat 3x)

[Verse 1]
This is to listen to, so ask not a question
Not to be taken as a simple suggestion
But a warning, to whom it may concern
If knowledge is the key, then I think it's time you learn
For there is not the problem
Some leaders are acknowledged, I don't follow 'em
I turn into another degree
And find the D-O to the C and growing like a tree and
Causing much destruction because I'm crushing
Complimented much, yeah, but never blushing
Hard like a criminal, and I'm subliminal
In my own right it's dope cause I'm original
Funky, unmistakably so
When the vocals are done, then you know
It's all a matter of setting a date
For America's most complete artist, but wait
Make sure you keep the facts in mind
Don't mess with The Great, cause the Doc is like a nine
With a voice, telling you the bullet's direction
I'm talking murder, but that's another section
I need to explain while keeping my composure
There's no j*rking a sucker when he knows you're
Nothing but a villain, and you'll kill him
So he's in fear, but there ain't no need in spilling
Your guts to a nut, no, I am not your equal
Meaning your equivalent, I'm more like heaven sent
I got it together so clever no one could sever
Remember this forever

(No one can do it better) (Repeat 3x)

[Verse 2]
Knowledge is the key, and hard work is the fee
For me to be The Great at the start and remain to be
A threat, til the opposition is warned
Taking as long as a song, cause I was born
With instincts to kill, a grave mentality
Over the edge and you say you want to battle me?
At your own risk, approach and be hosted
And in the end you may win or be roasted
But seeing it's part of a game, you think if you hang
Close to The One and you'll claim, but that's lame
And I'm "Damn, another loser"
Without an apology, so next time I'm a use a
Little more force to get the message across
It's The D.O.C. on the boards
Creating, demonstrate some relate to easy listening
But here's a christening of what you've been missing
An exhibition, a new hip-hop introduction
Smooth lyrical gab and I do the conducting
Drop it on a rhythm, suckers face it
But new to the ma**es, it's like I'm starting cla**es
Better bet I understand the direction
In which I'm going, in fact when I'm flowing
The news is a constant change from one minute to the next
I'm different cause I always show flex
And it's essential, that's why I got it together
To the letter and
(No one can do it better) (Repeat 3x)

[Verse 3]
I need to make it understood, The D.O.C. is not a hood
Not at all, though I carry a weapon when I'm stepping
I'm not a murderer, not in the sense that you're accustomed
I buy in the system with suckers smoothly bust them
Opposition is taken and that's a quote from the Doc
And the Doctor cause this ain't no joke
So if you smile, here's the outcome:
Your teeth are gone, your mouth is numb
Don't get involved, unless you're willing
To risk murder by mic 'cause when they're illing
You gotta be weary, watch for cautious, yo, be warned
By Dre and out the project born
Capable in any and every
Cause, yo, I get heavy, when introduced to a medley
Such is the case before the ba** started wompin'
I had to hook up with the boy from Compton
Searched and found the sound then accepted
The job of making L.A. well respected
Of course with the help of a gang that's Ruthless
Peace to the homies as I do this, what I mean and
MC Ren is in the house, Ice Cube definitely in the house
DJ Yella, Yella cold with the hoes
And Eazy-E is stupid chilling 'cause he knows, yo
No matter who's badder I'll be the dopest forever
By kicking lyrics so clever that
(No one can do it better) (Repeat 5x)

Time is taken to dedicate peace to the homeboys
My homie Laylaw, MC Ren, Ice Cube, Eazy-E
DJ Yella, Fresh K, MC Smooth, my homie T-Low
And of course without a doubt, the one and only
My DJ Dr. D-R-E most definitely in the house
Peace to those homies and I'm outta here