​The D.O.C.
Killa Instinc
[Intro : The D.O.C. on the phone]
With little ski masks in a van (Yeah)
About eight of those muthaf**kas in a van
All of them has ski-masks on with their guns out
(I bet they don't come out here in the summertime it's too hot for that sh*t)
(F**kin' around sweatin' their muthaf**kin' head off)
(Yo' how yo' sh*t sound)
Oh it's tight
(So The DOC is back)
Man let me in

[Phone Conversation]
[Man]: Hello
[Erotic]: What's up n***a
[Man]: Oh what's up n***a sh*t!
[Erotic]: hey sh*t, What the f**k goin' on round now huh?
[Man]: Sh*t n***a just drama. How you doin' in there man?
[Erotic]: I ain't use to no sh*t like this man. Stress
[Man]: Sh*t n***a. You know a n***a down for you out here
[Erotic]: Right y'all. Y'all been watchin' the T.V
[Man]: We been watchin' everythang. We got your muthaf**kin' back out here. How you do that sh*t with some gloves n***a?
[Erotic]:I ain't gon' tell you no sh*t like that man
[Man]:I know, I know
[Erotic]: Ay, Ay, Ay y'all been watchin' T.V
[Man]: Yeah man
[Erotic]: They got me on that sh*t every day
[Man]: Man every muthaf**kin' day!
[Erotic]: but that's cool, that's cool. What they sayin' about me though? They sayin' I did this sh*t or they sayin' they don't know if I did this sh*t
[Man]: Man you know every time a n***a involved with a white b*t*h you guilty

[Verse 1: The D.O.C.]
It was recorded on 11th June
Blood drips the groom excited
Only later to be invited
We went and saw the whole thing with false intent
Suspicion of murder
Sub quest for evidence
Residents eluded to a crime scene
Two slice clean
Now they got me in quarantine
The introduction to the white world, n***a
Cause you've been f**kin' with that white girl, n***a
They wanna see me with a murder case
My first mind check now I'm in a slow chase
To see my momma [?] but
When I get back to the cut
I'm cuffed up and f**ked up now I'm stuck
I know who I know you know I do
But I ain't sayin' sh*t or they might get my a** too
And that's a problem n***a I'm on the brink
America justice look witness my killa instincts

[Phone Conversation]
[Erotic]: Say man you know what?
[Man]: What's up
[Erotic D]: I shouldn't have done that high speed chase sh*t man sh*t made me look guilty
[Man]: Yeah man but you know, you had to get somewhere before them pep boys get after you. You know they was already out
[Erotic]: Yeah they was gonna make me[?]
[Man]: N***a they had they guns c*cked muthaf**ker. Get somewhere
[Erotic]: Right, right. Yeah I don't know where they got the idea I was about to kill myself. Ain't no sh*t like that happenin'
[Man]: Before that happen I would've went out blastin' wit' you. Know what I'm sayin'
[Erotic]: Right, right
[Man]: Cause I got your muthaf**kin' back
[Erotic]: I mean you know. Now they family trippin' you know other n***a wanna see my kids and sh*t. I been doin' that
[Man]: Man you want me to go over their an get you muthaf**kers. I'll do that man
[Verse 2: The D.O.C.]
Now I sleep every morning some n***a creep
To my 6 by 6 position with the hammer flick sayin'
Sh*t like 'N***a you'se a punk b*t*h all that runnin
You done n***a you ain't done sh*t
I'm escorted to a court room
Let the whole world speculate my f**kin' doom
Though I a**ume
Justice be a f**kin' joke
See they don't want me dead n***a they just want me broke
Nothing but perjury
Prosecution, illusion, confusion, dramatic climatic
Glove in the box fishin'
They don't like race n***a
So they wants to see a mention
Let's look at how they word it
Here it comes the verdict
What's up with me up in the penitentiary
The room quiet n***a
My mouth wide open
And I'm like damn! The motherf**ker say I'm

[Outro: Phone Conversation]
[Erotic]: Damn man this phone gettin' ready to hang up man. Tell my family and my kids I love them man
[Man]: Alright I'll do that man
[Erotic]: Peace
[Man]: Peace n***a