​The D.O.C.
[Intro: Lil Kabs]
Yeah mo'f**ker this is D.O.C

[Hook: Lil Kabs + Dope C]
At the top..is juss us n***a (us n***as)
We don't clique with no broke n***as (broke n***as)
D.O.C at the top n***as (top n***as)
We gon' get that cheddar n***asx2)

[Verse1: Lil Kabs]
D.O.C at the top n***as
And y'all know we finna get it
Like Drizzy we f**kin b*t*hes
Crab a lot we'll kill y'all n***as
Flex a lot we'll kill y'all n***as
Keep flossing we'll give y'all dentists
D.O.C we kill em n***as
Ackin homo we'll eat y'all a**es
We ain't care we real n***as
On that beat ackin all thriller
Like rozay we reppin trilla
I f**k a lot call that killing b*t*hes

[Hook: Lil Kabs + Dope C]

[Verse2: Dope C]
I woke up on the clouds n***as
At the top is juss n***as
I'm with D.O.C and I don't see no broke n***as
All my sh*t is Bohchah Fam
I don't see no b*t*h n***as
All this time you been tryna be like me n***as
I've been tryna get it so I don't really tust n***as
You can't be like me
To be like me is a fuss
You gotta dress , cut up , trim up
As you can see me n***as I'm up
I'm Dope C
Juss read my lips cause you look deaf n***a
Cradle to the grave
I ???? With a pu**y paste
I run this town own pace
Keep chasing until you fade
I'm beyond
Catch me if you can
I'm a shooting star , when you see me make a wish

[Hook: Lil Kabs + Dope C]
[Verse3: Readdi Mc'Cient]
Ladies please hold your ?? for Mc'Cient
With that Bohchah on Ima real n***a
Man I say hip hop was ill till I the doctor
Brought the game a pain killer
Sh*t I'm the ruler
With me at the top is D.O.C
We never gon' jump and stump
Harder on the ground at ZCC
B*t*h we streetwise like KFC
Prolly gon' lead this game for more than. A century like ANC
I used to sit at the corner on my street
Writing lyrics on my phone
Working hard away from home
Cause I love the mic as if its an ice-cream cone
I say that's what got me at the top
I'm never gon' drop
Cause I got this other rappers lips locked
Yeah I f**ked , never sucked
This game though its a b*t*h
It got infected with the word rich
I'm now sick , from M.O.T.B
Cause I'm gettin Money Over This B*t*h
Sh*t is real
So before I leave
Lemme ask you
As you looking at the top
What Do y'all see
[Outro: Readdi Mc'Cient]
I only see D.O.C n***as x3)